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Prayers For Healing:  Feb. 4

In our worship service on February 4, we will pray for healing. Our Bible tells us to pray for those who are sick and anoint them with oil. Do you know someone who needs healing physically, mentally, spiritually, or relationally? We can bring those needs to God.  


Why not reach out to a friend or neighbor who may need healing prayer and bring them to worship with you on February 4? 

"Is anyone among you sick? Let them call the elders of the church to pray over them and anoint them with oil in the name of the Lord"   James 5:14

Good things:

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This is Love

Pastor Hope Chernich, First Church of Des Plaines

"This is love: not that we loved God, but that God loved us and sent Jesus as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. " 1 John 4:10 


Do you have a favorite love story?  Perhaps a story of a couple who finds support and fullness in a relationship together?  Or, of parents who sacrifice everything to take care of their children?  Maybe a story of siblings who stand by one another, or of friends who don’t give up?


Love is powerful! And yet, sometimes we can get disillusioned looking for love.  At this time of year, a person can be overwhelmed by roses, chocolates, cards, and hearts.  We idealize what we think love is supposed to be and may miss the real love that is close at hand.

The Bible says that God is love.

This is one of the most basic explanations of God.  The very essence of God is love. Where we see and experience love we see and experience God.


In the weeks before Easter, we will explore the stories of the last week of Jesus' life on earth.  We will look at the stories in the Gospel of Mark and consider Jesus' final days. 

Join us, and we will look at how love was present and what these stories teach us about divine love. We will focus on the events of the final week of Jesus' life on earth, and we will see love embodied and enacted. 

What Is Lent?

The forty days before Easter (the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus three days after he was brutally killed on the cross) are a season the church calls “Lent.”  These forty days are a time for reflection and repentance, a time for fasting or giving things up, and a time for charity or giving to those in need. Lent is a time for christians to center and recommit to spiritual disciplines.

In this season First Church is encouraging everyone to be intentional in doing something to help you connect with God.  Here are a list of possibilities:

  • Be in worship every Sunday at 10am

  • Join a life group if you are not part of one or prioritize participation

  • Come and pray with the prayer team Tuesdays at 10am

  • Find new ways to be generous by participating in “Coins for Lent”

  • Read through the Gospel of Mark.

  • Join the choir

Text to support our work in our community.

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We're easy to find.

The church is on the northwest corner of Prairie and Graceland Avenues in Des Plaines.

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Group from First Church, Des Plaines on a mission trip to Wyoming.

Our world needs help. Would you join us in  Missions? (It's fun!)

A FREE meal is given to anyone who is hungry.

A free dinner for anyone who is hungry, every Monday. Bessie's Table.

Our Mother’s Day Out (MDO) program allows parents to schedule “free time” during the day.

Take a break. We've got your back. Mom's Day Out.  


We fight hunger in Des Plaines kids with Community Backpacks.

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