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Join Us This November

Throughout the month of November, we will consider “A Future with Hope,” what God is calling us to in 2024, and how we can best use our resources towards that future. Stewardship, how we use the resources God gives us, is an important part of our spiritual life and has implication not only for us as individuals or for our families, but for the community and the whole of creation. 


This year we are talking about the challenges of living in a liminal time. Churches, families, governments, and much of our world is struggling with the reality that we don’t exactly know how to fix things or how to move forward. Things can’t go back to the way they were, and yet we aren’t quite sure what is to come.


As people of faith, what are we to do during liminal times? How do we remain faithful? The answers to these questions have a lot to do with what we think about and where we invest our time, attention, and money. Join us in November as we explore the answers to these questions


November 5- Remember the past and don’t hold back!

Worship with us on All Saints Sunday. We will light candles and remember the saints who have died. We will consider the words of Haggai.

Following worship, join us for an intergenerational time of fellowship as we share about the people who have encircled us and supported us in our faith.

November 12- Be Settled in the present and invest!

We will gather and explore the words of Jeremiah 29 and the instructions God gave the Israelites in the midst of exile.

Church Council will meet after worship. All are welcome to attend and hear about what God is doing in our midst.

• November 19- Look to the future and give for the next generation. Join us for worship as we talk about the vision and God’s promises for our future.

During fellowship time we will discuss and write down our hopes for the future of First Church.

• November 26- Return to God and bring your tithe. This Sunday is Christ the King Sunday. It marks the end of the Christian calendar reminding us that what we see and experience is not the end of the story.

 Film Series, Dinner &

Join us for a community meal and webinar presentation. Includes Q&A. ($5 fee payable at the door.)


Reservations are required. 

Click here to register.  

Visiting for the first time?

​Connecting with a new community can be scary. It's a little less that way when you think of us as believers and seekers from all walks of life.


No one will question your beliefs, or, to be honest, your un-beliefs.  Just come on in and give us a test drive.

We're easy to find.

The church is on the northwest corner of Prairie and Graceland Avenues in Des Plaines.


Lord of the Harvest

The harvest is a time to look back with thankfulness, and to look forward with hope. We thank God for his provision, but life isn’t ultimately about crops and profits. Life is about God: The Lord of the Harvest.

Live streaming every Sunday at 10 a.m.

BXC Stream



Our world needs help. Would you join us in  Missions? (It's fun!)


A free dinner for anyone who is hungry, every Monday. Bessie's Table.


We fight hunger in Des Plaines kids with Community Backpacks.


Take a break. We've got your back. Mom's Day Out.  

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