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This church is my family and my connection to God.

Janice Weber talks about why First Church of Des Plaines is important to her life.

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Our faith. Our story.

We believe that there is a God, who created and cares for everything and everyone.

Each one of us is made by God and for God.

We learn about God and ourselves in the world through the Bible.  To be understood through the Bible, God loves questions and doesn’t expect we will all agree on everything.

We expect to grow and learn together.  We believe in the spiritual journey of all people, and the ministry of Jesus Christ.

 We ponder our world's challenging issues with humility, careful listening, and a determination to love.

We live our faith through service, outreach, and justice-seeking. We believe that all people are beloved children of God and that God's love is available to all.

We believe in loving God and loving our neighbors.


Also for you.

Who we are. History.

Welcome to First Church.


First visit? Here's all you 

need to know


Our Work. How we help.

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